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    If you’re serious about saving the environment, the most important thing that you can do is to stop eating meat, eggs and dairy products…

    A recent study by scientists at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden confirmed that cutting greenhouse-gas emissions from transportation and energy use alone won’t be enough to curb climate change. Dr. Fredrik Hedenus, the lead scientist of the study, believes that “reducing meat and dairy consumption is key to bringing agricultural climate pollution down to safe levels.” Similarly, Ilmi Granoff from the Overseas Development Institute has urged officials to “[f]orget coal. Forget cars. The fastest way to address climate change would be to dramatically reduce the amount of meat people eat.”

    The Swedish researchers estimate that by 2050, beef and lamb production will account for half of all agricultural greenhouse-gas emissions but only a paltry 3 percent of people’s caloric intake. They expect that cheese and other dairy products will cause a quarter of agricultural climate pollution in the next 40 years.

    The billions of chickens, turkeys, pigs and cows who are raised for food each year in the U.S. produce a tremendous amount of excrement, releasing methane and other greenhouse gasses into our atmosphere. Methane, which is at least 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide, accounts for 9 percent of the greenhouse-gas emissions in this country. And the 523 million chickens raised and killed each year in Delaware and Maryland alone generate enough waste to fill the dome of the U.S. Capitol about 50 times in a single year—or almost once a week.

    And each cow emits approximately 66 to 79 gallons of methane every single day. There are currently 88 million cattle in the United States. You do the math. Together, these cows reportedly produce more methane than landfills, natural gas leaks and fracking.

    Carbon dioxide is another problem. According to the Environmental Defense Fund, “If every American skipped one meal of chicken per week and substituted vegetables and grains … the carbon dioxide savings would be the same as taking more than half a million cars off of U.S. roads.” Imagine what a difference we could make if we stopped eating animal-based foods entirely…

    If you care about the environment and animals, don’t just buy local or organic foods. Be bold! Take it all the way and buy vegan. It’s really the only way to save the planet. Here’s some more food for thought for your Earth Day:

    A German study conducted in 2008 concluded that a meat-eater’s diet is responsible for more than seven times the volume of greenhouse-gas emissions that a vegan’s diet is.

    A Loma Linda University study shows that vegans have the smallest carbon footprint, generating a 41.7 percent smaller volume of greenhouse gasses than meat-eaters do and a 13.9 percent smaller volume than vegetarians.

    The president of the Worldwatch Institute has said that the “world’s supersized appetite for meat” is one of the main reasons why greenhouse-gas emissions are increasing rapidly.

    According to researchers from the University of California-Riverside, cooking just one charbroiled burger causes as much pollution as driving an 18-wheeler for 143 miles.

    Researchers at the University of Chicago concluded that switching from a standard American diet to vegan meals is more effective in the fight against climate change than switching from a standard American car to a hybrid is.

    The United Nations has concluded that a global shift toward vegan eating is necessary to combat the worst effects of climate change.

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    Stop Eating Meat If You’re Serious About Fighting Climate Change

    New study says people worldwide must eat 75% less meat and dairy to prevent long term climate change.

    Serious about battling climate change? Then you might want to consider going vegetarian. That’s because it’s looking like world temperatures will continue to climb unless people stop chowing on so much meat and dairy, according to new research from Sweden.

    The United Nations believes it’s imperative to keep future warming from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. To meet that target, there will have to be a sharp decrease in greenhouse-gas emissions by the end of the century. Some of the reductions must come from the energy industry, and some must hail from the agricultural realm.

    But with agriculture, it won’t be enough to roll out “smarter” animal feeds and better methods of crop production, say scientists at the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. Rather, “reduced ruminant meat and dairy consumption will be indispensable for reaching the 2 °C target with a high probability, unless unprecedented advances in technology take place,” they assert in a study in Climatic Change.

    Here’s the crux of their findings:

    Emissions from agriculture threaten to keep increasing as global meat and dairy consumption increases. If agricultural emissions are not addressed, nitrous oxide from fields and methane from livestock may double by 2070. This alone would make meeting the climate target essentially impossible.

    “We have shown that reducing meat and dairy consumption is key to bringing agricultural climate pollution down to safe levels,” says Fredrik Hedenus, one of the study authors. “Broad dietary change can take a long time. We should already be thinking about how we can make our food more climate friendly.”

    Many in the agricultural industry are trying to cut emissions of nitrous oxide and methane (the latter being a mightily potent greenhouse gas). There’s the general streamlining of processes to make meat and dairy production more efficient, for example. Then there are technical tweaks. One is occasionally draining the water from rice paddies, as microbes in flooded paddies generate a large amount of methane. Another is adding supplements to livestock feed to prevent the animals from belching so much. Gassy livestock is a serious atmospheric force; for instance, the fermentation taking place inside cows and sheep accounts for two-thirds of Australia’s agricultural emissions….!B83j6

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    Today’s Video: “Last Hours”, narrated by Thom Hartmann:

    The film “Last Hours” describes a science-based climate scenario where a tipping point to runaway climate change is triggered by massive releases of frozen methane. Methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, has already started to percolate into the open seas and atmosphere from methane hydrate deposits beneath melting arctic ice, from the warming northern-hemisphere tundra, and from worldwide continental-shelf undersea methane pools.

    Burning fossil fuels release carbon that, principally through greenhouse effect, heat the atmosphere and the seas. This is happening most rapidly at the polar extremes, and this heating has already begun the process of releasing methane. If we do not begin to significantly curtail the use of carbon-based fossil fuels, this freed methane threatens to radically accelerate the speed of global warming, potentially producing a disaster beyond the ability of the human species to adapt.

    With this film, we hope to awaken people to the fact that the earth has experienced five major extinctions in the deep geologic past – times when more than half of all life on earth vanished – and that we are now entering a sixth extinction. Industrial civilization with its production of greenhouse gases has the potential to trigger a mass extinction on the order of those seen in the deep geological past. In the extreme, it could threaten not just human civilization, but the very existence of human life on this planet.

    An asset for the climate change movement, “Last Hours” will be disseminated globally to help inform society about the dangers associated with climate change and to encourage the world community to chart a path forward that greatly reduces green house gas emissions. We encourage you to explore this website and the highlighted actions you can take to address climate change. We look forward to bringing you additional films about the challenges we face and the solutions that exist over the next few years, in the lead up to COP21, the 2015 UN Conference on Climate Change in Paris.

    “Last Hours” is narrated by Thom Hartmann and directed by Leila Conners. Executive Producers are George DiCaprio and Earl Katz. Last Hours is produced by Mathew Schmid of Tree Media Foundation, and was written by Thom Hartmann, Sam Sacks, and Leila Conners. Music is composed and performed by Francesco Lupica.

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  5. Audio Originally by spiritualawakeningradio
    Supreme Master Ching Hai Interview, Part One
    Spiritual Awakening Radio Podcast


    PODCAST: Supreme Master Ching Hai, Part One:

    From Crisis To Peace: The Organic Vegan Way is the Answer. Make Good Karma: Be Loving. Be Veg. Be Green. 

    Even if the world reduces greenhouse gas emissions, the planet will take time to recover from the gases already in the atmosphere. This is why it is necessary to focus on short-lived gases, namely methane.

    Organic vegan will produce a beneficial, cooling effect as it will cut down methane and other greenhouse gases which are fatal to our survival.

    This killing of other beings must be stopped for humanity to evolve as a civilization.

    A true vegetarian diet is vegan: Most of the milk production causes suffering, first of all because the babies of the mother cows are taken away at birth. Deprived from mother’s milk and mother’s love, they’ll be killed as soon as they’re taken away. Then, the mother is forcefully hooked up to a machine that can cause tormenting pain along with illness, just so that humans can take her milk.

    In a vegan world, there would be no more sad news about someone’s child dying of brain damage or paralysis due to E. coli, the deadly bacteria which originally almost always come from farmed animals. There would be no more heartache due to deadly swine flu pandemic, or mad cow disease, cancer, diabetes, strokes and heart attacks, salmonella, Ebola. 

    Humans die, too, each year because of meat and fish, and anything related to animal consumption. Nearly 33-million people succumb to meat-related diseases annually through heart disease, cancer and other conditions that claim the lives of more than 90,000 persons each day. 

    It’s the high time that the human race should rise to a higher level of consciousness. They should be noble, kind and compassionate. Go veg, be green, do good, is not just for the planet, it’s for the whole human race ennobling, spiritual merit and quality. They should do it, just for the sake of being noble. 

    We have to turn back to our caring and compassionate nature inside our heart. That’s very simple. We are that. We are compassion. We are merciful; we are caring. 

    If we truly wish to see real harmony born between humans and animals and nature and Heaven, we must be the harmony, we must live in harmony and act also in harmony, which includes the act of eating harmoniously each time we come to the table. 

    Making a vegan choice is thus a true advancement in the evolution and goodness of our humanity. And then we also know that like attracts like, goodness attracts more goodness. As we share this compassionate truth with others, not only will our own humanity be further uplifted, so will the world’s.

    Quotes above are from the online book by Supreme Master Ching Hai, “From Crisis To Peace: The Organic Vegan Way is the Answer”:

    (Source:, via radha-soami)

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    Looking forward to watching “The Politics of Power,” narrated by Chris Hayes tonight at 8 p.m. ET on MSNBC.
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    Many thanks to the Supreme Master Ching Hai News for publishing my article on vegetarianism in Christianity: “Evidence that Jesus and the Original Aramaic Christians Were Vegetarians”:

The Supreme Master Ching Hai News is available in English, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, and Aulac:

    Many thanks to the Supreme Master Ching Hai News for publishing my article on vegetarianism in Christianity: “Evidence that Jesus and the Original Aramaic Christians Were Vegetarians”:

    The Supreme Master Ching Hai News is available in English, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, and Aulac:

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    What We Are Doing to the Planet

    Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have broken through a symbolic mark. The last time CO2 was regularly above 400ppm was three to five million years ago - before modern humans existed.

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    Sci Tech News: Getting off the Grid with the Bloom Box fuel cell, and Global Warming Illustrated: Climate change sends India’s apple farmers up the Himalayas:

    Sci Tech News: Getting off the Grid with the Bloom Box fuel cell, and Global Warming Illustrated: Climate change sends India’s apple farmers up the Himalayas:

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    Factors that Caused the Fall of Maya Civilization (Drought, Climate Change):

    Factors that Caused the Fall of Maya Civilization (Drought, Climate Change):

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    Less meat consumption = reduced greenhouse gas emissions. 

    Less meat consumption = reduced greenhouse gas emissions. 

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    Happy Earth Day! Earth Day is the perfect time to consider going vegan:
Also see, The Book of Compassion:

    Happy Earth Day! Earth Day is the perfect time to consider going vegan:

    Also see, The Book of Compassion:

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    The Organic Vegan Way is the Answer - From Crisis To Peace:

    The Organic Vegan Way is the Answer - From Crisis To Peace:

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    Tree Of Life

    Tree Of Life

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    Vegan For Life

    Vegan For Life

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    Top climate scientist James Hansen tells the story of his involvement in the science of and debate over global climate change. In doing so he outlines the overwhelming evidence that change is happening and why that makes him deeply worried about the future.


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Am a follower of Inner Light and Sound Meditation (traditional Sant Mat from an Indian perspective).

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'Spiritual Awakening Radio' Explores the World of Spirituality, Comparative Religion, Sacred Texts, Ahimsa Ethics: Peace, Being Veg, Going Green to Save the Planet – Education for a More Peaceful World – A Format of Inter-Faith Essays and Interviews.

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Seven Things I Believe (and Experience)

*1) God is Real.

*2) God is Love, the Ocean of Love and Compassion.

*3) All of the world scriptures teach about the same manifestation of God as inner mystical Light and Sound.

*4) Our true identity is soul, the Self. Soul is part of God and therefore is, like God, pure love.

*5) During this human existence we have an opportunity to experience God.

*6) As we experience communing with God’s love during meditation – Surat Shabd Yoga, we can rise above body-consciousness and explore Inner Space, the “Kingdom of the Heavens” that are within us. “We travel back from the realm of Darkness to the realm of Light, from the Light to divine Sound, and from the realm of Sound to the Soundless State.” (Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj) The drop merges back into the Ocean of Love.

*7) As we get initiated into the Mysteries of the Spirit by a Living Teacher (Sant Satguru), the purpose of our life is fulfilled. Reuniting with God is our reason to be here: “It was for the sake of the God-conscious beings that our True Lord created this earth, and began this play of death and birth.” (Adi Granth) Kabir said, “For millions of years you have slept. This morning, will you not wake?”

"All beautiful forms and tones of this world are mere reflections of some aspect of that ultimate Love-Music of the Great Creative Word. Within the vast complex of creation, each individual spirit is himself/herself a spark of that Eternal Song of Love."

"There are those who have wandered among the darting comets and the shimmering orbs of sounding fire. The soul-explorer is not alone, for there are those who have traveled the highways of the inner cosmos; far more than one may at first realize."

"...The planes of heaven are about us everywhere. One has only to know this simple truth consciously, and then we will be free." (George Arnsby Jones)


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